Discover what are the latest Microsoft Software Updates

Discover what are the latest Microsoft Software Updates

Discover the latest news of your Office 365 softwares on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

What’s new in Windows

Sorting options are back

Microsoft brought back sorting options and the Unread filter above the message list. Deleted because you now have the Focused Inbox, they brought it back to make sorting easier.

Know who accepted the meeting

Now you can see people’s responses to a meeting request, even if you’re not the organizer!

Mac news

Precise selection

Have you already selected too many cells or incorrect cells? With the latest update, you can now deselect superfluous cells without having to start your selection again.

To do so, nothing could be easier! You can deselect cells within the selected range with the deselect tool. Pressing the Ctrl key, click a cell or click-and-drag to deselect cells or ranges within a selection.

Conversely, if you want to reselect cells, press the Ctrl key and reselect the cells again.

Speed up calculations

Excel now updated formulas much faster when values are changed.

iOS news

Manipulate content with ease

Adding or moving content, copying to others app, dragging and dropping text, images, and other objects is now easier when using iOS 11.

Windows Mobile

Find out who has edited your presentation

You can share your presentation with others and collaborate on it at the same time. But did you know that you can also see where others are working and what modifications they’ve made by checking out the slides that have a green highlight.

Additional updates in Microsoft Teams

Now, you can include interactive cards from apps in conversations the same way you would add an emoji or GIF. Finding new apps and services in Teams is now easier with the new Store, where you can search for apps by name or category.

Also, a new command has been introduced in Microsoft Teams. You can quickly interact with apps, perform tasks, and navigate throughout Teams directly from the command box, in addition to searching across people, messages, files, and apps.


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