The recording of the Teams webinar, now available!

The recording of the Teams webinar, now available!

Access the webinar recording now

We organized a webinar on February 27th on the theme “Teams – A lever for communication and collaborative work?“. First of all, we would like to thank everyone registered! We are delighted to see that you like this type of format.

However, if you were not available, the recording of this webinar is now available on the MOOC Office 365 platform, in the webcast part of the course dedicated to the webinar.

The most frequently asked questions about Microsoft Teams

During the web conferencing sessions animated by our trainers on the subject of Microsoft Teams or in webinars, some questions are often asked. So, we decided to summarize them and answer them through this short FAQ.

➡️How are Teams governance and team building rights managed?

One of the basic principles of collaborative work with Teams is trust. As such, there are two types of governance:

  • The general implementation of the Teams solution
  • Daily monitoring and management of teams

For the first item, the Teams setting is relatively basic and is done by the Office 365 administrator. It allows to bring some general limits on the use of Teams.

For the second, there is a fairly binary rights management: owner and member.

The owner is often the creator of the team, but he may delegate this right to one of the team members. This only covers the ability to manage member input/output and delete the group as needed.

➡️Are the documents placed in Teams shared and editable by all team members?

Yes, under two conditions:

  1. Documents are placed in the root of the Teams library or a subfolder of the location.
  2. Documents are placed in a shared storage space with all team members

➡️Is it possible to have user login times?

As an owner or member of the team, no.

For the Office 365 general administration, this is information that can be consulted in a global way, to validate the adoption of the tool for example. As an individual, see if this information is related to the climate of trust established within the framework of collaborative work, and if it is, it’s interesting to make a report.

➡️Is it possible to connect Teams to a website, such as an intranet or client platform?

If the question concerns the integration of a Teams window into a client platform, this is not yet possible. However, the link can be done by adding a tab to the client platform in Teams.

➡️Is it possible to create teams with users from different institutions?

It is indeed possible to integrate people from different institutions, i. e. from a different domain name. In the admin console, there is an authorization to open to the outside to be activated.

➡️Where are shared documents stored in Teams? Are they in a personal OneDrive space?

When you save a document in the root of the Teams “File” space, it can be found in the Teams interface of course, but also in the default SharePoint document library associated with the team. Thus, all its members can access it.

➡️Can I add documents from another SharePoint library?

Yes, from the Teams file interface. Attention, access rights to another space (SharePoint, Dropbox or other) are not granted to the team by the simple addition. It will be necessary to ensure that these rights are given upstream.

➡️Can I be notified by email when an answer is given in a conversation?

There are 2 main ways to be notified by Teams: through a banner in Teams and by email.

To check notifications, use your account button at the top right of Teams, then run “Settings”. In the “Notifications” pane you will be able to customize the different reasons for being notified, as well as the method.

See you soon on MOOC Office 365.

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