Updating of PowerPoint 2016 tutorials on the MOOC Office 365 platform

Updating of PowerPoint 2016 tutorials on the MOOC Office 365 platform

In order to continually improve the platform and ensure that its content remains as up-to-date as possible, our education and production teams have been designing and producing new tutorials over the past few months. Now that these have been completed, you can discover the MOOC Office 365 platform that was newly updated this week.
All of the PowerPoint 2016 tutorials have now been updated, and 87 videos are available for you. Come and discover them on the platform at this address: https://mooc.office365-training.com/en/training-resources/tutorials

Tip: To easily find all of the tutorials on PowerPoint 2016, use the search filter to do a software search. 😉

Did you know…?

Cegos recently published the results of a study according to which 99% of salaried employees consider that professional development is important throughout their work life (see the infographic here).

Which training methods are being used nowadays?

From the point of view of businesses, in-person training sessions continue to be the most popular, although not as much as they used to be. The reason is that a growing range of distance learning solutions exists that can meet training needs and are tailored to new uses. These solutions include videos, e-learning, Web conferencing, MOOC platforms, COOC platforms, social media networks, virtual reality and serious games.

However, salaried employees are apparently very satisfied with a combination of traditional training and distance learning. Thus, 97% are satisfied with distance training, where virtual classes (Web conferences) rank number one.

Our training platform combines Web conferences, video resources and a social media network. All of these training solutions are available at any time and as often as you wish.

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